Friday, August 24, 2007

Singapore... Here we come again!

Initially I thought our trip to Singapore will not materialised as our intended stay will clashed with my aunty's family who will be there this weekend. They are on transit from Perth to KL. It was such a weird flight which will be arriving at 3am and their next flight is 10 hours later so they wanted to stay over at my uncle's place.

I was just relating the whole thing to PiggyBeng and I half way I was lamenting that I can't get to do some of stuff since I have to cancel the trip. Then we were discussing about some of the insurance which I signed up unintentionally with the CPF Board and I wanted to cancel it since I don't work in Singapore at the moment. This triggered him that he might need to cancel his too and he decided to go with me instead!

PiggyBeng actually sacrificed some of his ALs and we will be going down next week! Wooohoooo! Best of all, we will be driving down! :) He will be doing some work as well so he don't have to used up so many days of his ALs. Now, I have to plan my itineraries!

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