Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Our next stop... The UK

One of our biggest regret when we were in Europe was not having the chance to visit the UK. It was the case of 'so near, yet so far' as we were already in Paris and was considering to hop on the train to get across but the fees threw us off immediately! For a return ticket, it cost almost RM1K per person! The funny thing was, we were only thinking of going for a day trip! Imagine spending just RM2K for train tickets alone and not considering the other spending that we might incurred when we are in London.... totally crazy!

Though we may not have the opportunity then, that does not mean we will never get the chance again! Soon there will be a budget airline operating from here to Manchester and I can say our chance to land our foots in UK is coming soon!

Tower Bridge

If we ever got the chance, then the first thing will be planning on the trip's itineraries and accommodations as we have a little one to think of now. The UK is relatively a huge place with many attractions and we will try to maximise our trip by covering as many places possible.

Should we be landing in Manchester first then we will probably stay a night or two at some affordable hotels in Manchester such as Britannia Hotel or Golden Tulip Hotel. Places of interest will includes The Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, The Museum of Science & Technology and also the newly renovated Manchester Art Gallery.

Then we will take a train to London. This is the most happening place to be. The must visit places includes St Paul's Cathedral, Covent Garden, The British Airways London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and the Buckingham Palace. I think Darrius will sure enjoy a trip to Hyde Park.

When going to London, we can't really go on a shoestring budget. For easy access, we have to find hotels in London city itself. Of course, if given a choice, we would love to stay at 5 stars hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel located at Parklane or The Ascott Mayfair Hotel located at Mayfair. But I think we will opt for cheaper places such as Admiral Hotel in Paddington or Apollo Hotel in Bayswater.

Probably we will make a short stop in Birmigham before we head home from Manchester. Some hotels in Birmigham that quite fit our budget will be Holiday Inn or Days Hotel located in the city centre. And if we were luck, we could even stop by Liverpool and go for a peek at The Beatles's birth place!

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Wennnn said...

When U kambin???

Angeleyes said...

When AirAsia launch their UK flight to Manchester lor! Will try my luck to go there... at least once in our lifetime! :P Will sure inform you if my chance has come!