Thursday, August 16, 2007

München - Part 4

This is the last part for my Munich post.

Overall, we only spent less than a day within the city of Munich so we did not have enough time to explore to all the interesting places beyond the city. I really like the big park within the city and the beautiful weather was perfect for a slow stroll.

One of my favourite spot @ the city park entrance

In the centre of the park

One of the church behind our hotel

We have to board our train to Rome on the next morning but due to the daylight saving time adjustment, we missed our train! We thought we have enough time for a short walk around the hotel and take more photos and a leisure breakfast but we were wrong! Can you see the clock on the church tower above? It's was already 7.30am (our train was at 8am) but our watch was actually showing 6.30am! When the time we went for our breakfast, it was already 8am, the time our train depart from Munich!

Luckily PiggyBeng has a contingency plan in any case we miss a train. We have to forgo the train route of our choice and take a longer one and have to miss the chance to visit Zurich in Switzerland.

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