Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good news...

Earlier I messaged one of my diving friend and told him I'll be hopping over to Singapore next week. As I remembered his wife was supposed to deliver their 1st baby some where this month, I asked him casually when will his wife going to deliver their baby?

A big surprise, the baby came on 1st of August! That was just so great! And he asked me how long will I be in Singapore? I told him I'll be leaving on the 2nd of Sept. He then told me, we are invited to his baby's full moon party! What a coincidence!

A few years back, they actually came all the way from Singapore to attend my wedding. Though they invited us to attend their wedding but at that time I was heavily preggy with Darrius so I can't travel the distance. It is such a good news that I can get to see them again and their baby too!

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