Saturday, August 25, 2007

Go on a Harley's adventure

Last year when we were down in Las Vegas, we spotted many Harley Davidson bikes on the road. Even when we were on our way, we saw a few over taking us and both PiggyBeng and myself can just admired from afar. These bikes and the riders looked so damn cool! How we wish we could ride on one ourselves! Then when we arrived in Las Vegas town, we saw this huge Harley's Cafe with a huge Harley bike sticking out...

Harley Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas

Everywhere we go in Las Vegas, we can easily spot Harley's bikes around. When we were in Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, we saw many Harley's around the casino which were previously owned by some famous stars!

A Harley belongs to Gun N' Roses

After seeing all the above, we wished we can own a Harley too! For those of you who want to own a Harley, you can check the latest information at They are currently offering this fantastic deal, the Life-of-Cycle with purchase of a new Harley-Davidson or pre-owned Harley. Life-of-Cycle is a 10 year extended mechanical breakdown coverage for your bike that covers all engine, transmission, primary drive components, and the labor involved to fix it, all at no additional charge. Besides that you can also find discount Harley parts or any HD parts.

And if you are on vacation or business trips to the US and want to find some excitement riding on a Harley, you can now rent a Harley! For just $299, you can have a Harley for the entire weekend! Isn't that a fantastic deal? And if you want to cruise on a Harley for the entire week, why not rent it for a whole week for just $799? There are more than ten 2007 models to select from so definitely you can find one that suits your style.

All rented Harleys came with saddlebags, all necessary locks, 24 hour rental period, helmet that meets DOT specifications for both the driver and passenger, secure luggage storage, 24-hour roadside assistance, 300 miles for daily rental, 1,000 miles for Weekend Rental, 2,500 miles for weekly rental as well as Insurance coverage.

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