Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Get Virus after Reviews?

Recently my PC load very slowly and it takes forever to get onto any sites. There are always error messages even for my hosted site, which is really weird as there isn't supposed to have downtime so often.

Then while I was trying to shut down last night, PiggyBeng noticed there are some spywares going about! I got scolded for that as I was the only person who is using the PC most of the time. Then he asked me, what sort of sites did I go to? Well, since I am doing paid postings and some reviews here and there, chances are I have to visit the advertisers' site for details. So, could some of the advertisers' sites were planted with spywares which we posties are not aware about?

I am worried now as it might currupt our systems here and it could cost us a long downtime if it is infected with virus.... *sigh*

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