Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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We simply love traveling. There are always so many things to see, food to try, experiencing different cultures, finding weird stuff in different countries, meeting all kinds of people and etc… Every country we’ve gone to left us with interesting impressions which we will treasure till the end of time.

Both PiggyBeng and myself, have traveled to many countries, some together after we were married and some separately when we were still strangers. We often talk about all the places we have visited and exchange our experiences. It was always so fun to learn what we had encountered in the different places we have been to.

We have this habit of checking the latest accommodation news at all the places we planned to go for our next vacations. By doing so, we can have a better idea what we should look out for and what we can do at these places so we can maximize our stay.

In the past, when we were still very new to all the available information on the Internet, we did not get to pre-plan our trip 100% so we missed out quite a fair bit. Like we have wanted to visit London so much but we did not get to go due to some unavailable information which we very much regretted. We did not even know that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I always wonder what is the feeling would be like if I can be in one of these cities... like staying a night at Ritz Hotel London, which is one of the best accommodation one can find in London...

Now we can get more interesting accommodations news and facts about all the big cities in the world and these actually help us heaps when we are planning for our next vacations. It’s always wise to know more about each of the places we will be going so we won’t miss out on interesting activities or sights.

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