Thursday, August 30, 2007

We are in the Roaring City!

We arrived in Singapore around 1+pm. Traffic was rather smooth today with not many cars on the highway. When we arrived at the custom, it was a total breeze too.

As our car has never been to Singapore before, we need to purchase an Autopass ($10) to enable our car to enter. Each entry cost $6 and the balance $4 is for entries to the ERP (need to top up as each day is $5 for multiple entries) Top up can be made at all 7Eleven stores.

We went straight down to Bedok Interchange for lunch. Had boneless chicken rice.... yummmm! Then I went to settle some of my banking stuff at the bank and joined my family who went shopping at the nearby supermarket. Bought lots of stuff!

Then we drove to Parkway Parade down at Marine Parade for another round of shopping.... and also to have our dinner... yummmmmm again!

We end the day by going for a short stroll at ECP (East Coast Park) around the Bedok Jetty. It was one of my favourite place. Tonite the breeze was quite strong so it was a perfect time to go for a walk. Even though Darrius was dead beat tired but he held on till we reached my uncle's place!

Ah Florida!

If one have been to Disneyland in Southern California, they will sure yearn to go to Disney World in Florida. It has been my childhood dream to go to Florida to visit all the theme parks and also all the beautiful beaches.

There are many beautiful vacation rentals in Florida to suite every holiday. If you are staying around the south west beach area, Fort Myers beach vacation rentals will be the perfect choice. When you do want to explore the central part of Florida, do remember to spend a few days in Kissimmee at the Kissimmee vacation rentals.

One place that you should not miss when you are in Florida is Panama City. The beaches here are among the most beautiful in the world. When you want to make it even more memorable, spend your stay at the Panama City beach vacation homes.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun in the sun getaway...

It is always my dream to visit as many places in the States as possible as there are so many interesting places to go, things to see, extraordinary people to meet, tasty food to try and exciting activities to do. There are endless things to experience!

I have always enjoy the great outdoors and finding a place to experience that is not difficult especially in the US. And if I ever get the chance to visit the east coast, I will book my vacation with Hilton Head South Carolina which offers oceanfront accommodations in private communities with fully furnished rented homes or villas. All these holiday homes ranges from 1 room to 4 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 10 person!

If you are an avid golfer, Hilton Head offers more than 20 golf courses with special reduced rates. Besides that, your family and friends can enjoy unlimited activities such as tennis, swimming, shopping, dancing, movies, bowling and even an orchestra performance! And for all these, it only cost from $1000/month for any 1 to 6 bedrooms villas or homes rental!

Hilton Head Island boasts a mild climate year all year round, and the ocean temperature in the summer averages a pleasant 79 degrees. So, if you want to get away from this winter's frost bites, why not get yourself and your family some fun in the sunon one of the world class beaches at Hilton Head SC?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you a Beatles fansee?

I am not a die hard Beatles fancee but I know there are 2 person I know who are! My brother and my Uncle Eddie! Both of them shared the same interest and I am going to make them envy me kau-kau! My brother used to worship John Lennon even though he is not born in that era.

My Uncle Eddie has been passing on some of his collections to my brother when he learnt that my brother also a die hard Beatles fancee. And I think both of them will scream looking at these....

A showcase filled with The Beatles memorabilia

I took this at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in Las Vegas. There were so many things in that showcase and I think all are collector items. I guess all Beatles's die hard fancee hope to get their hands on these stuff!

Go on a Harley's adventure

Last year when we were down in Las Vegas, we spotted many Harley Davidson bikes on the road. Even when we were on our way, we saw a few over taking us and both PiggyBeng and myself can just admired from afar. These bikes and the riders looked so damn cool! How we wish we could ride on one ourselves! Then when we arrived in Las Vegas town, we saw this huge Harley's Cafe with a huge Harley bike sticking out...

Harley Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas

Everywhere we go in Las Vegas, we can easily spot Harley's bikes around. When we were in Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, we saw many Harley's around the casino which were previously owned by some famous stars!

A Harley belongs to Gun N' Roses

After seeing all the above, we wished we can own a Harley too! For those of you who want to own a Harley, you can check the latest information at They are currently offering this fantastic deal, the Life-of-Cycle with purchase of a new Harley-Davidson or pre-owned Harley. Life-of-Cycle is a 10 year extended mechanical breakdown coverage for your bike that covers all engine, transmission, primary drive components, and the labor involved to fix it, all at no additional charge. Besides that you can also find discount Harley parts or any HD parts.

And if you are on vacation or business trips to the US and want to find some excitement riding on a Harley, you can now rent a Harley! For just $299, you can have a Harley for the entire weekend! Isn't that a fantastic deal? And if you want to cruise on a Harley for the entire week, why not rent it for a whole week for just $799? There are more than ten 2007 models to select from so definitely you can find one that suits your style.

All rented Harleys came with saddlebags, all necessary locks, 24 hour rental period, helmet that meets DOT specifications for both the driver and passenger, secure luggage storage, 24-hour roadside assistance, 300 miles for daily rental, 1,000 miles for Weekend Rental, 2,500 miles for weekly rental as well as Insurance coverage.

My dream car...

Have you seen this? This is my dream car! :P This is taken in Koln (Cologne) in Germany.

When we were in Germany, we can see lots of SMART cars on the streets. I really like this particular model which is just perfect for 2! Also, It is so easy to park taking into consideration we always an't find a good and spacious parking lot here in Penang!

I started seeing some of the SMART-4-Two in Penang end of 2005. However, the price for one can send me to the moon ah!

Weird photo

I found another weird photo in my dad's PC...

Sometimes I wonder are such photo being doctored or are they for real. However, I do try to use my imaginative side to look at such image...

Good news...

Earlier I messaged one of my diving friend and told him I'll be hopping over to Singapore next week. As I remembered his wife was supposed to deliver their 1st baby some where this month, I asked him casually when will his wife going to deliver their baby?

A big surprise, the baby came on 1st of August! That was just so great! And he asked me how long will I be in Singapore? I told him I'll be leaving on the 2nd of Sept. He then told me, we are invited to his baby's full moon party! What a coincidence!

A few years back, they actually came all the way from Singapore to attend my wedding. Though they invited us to attend their wedding but at that time I was heavily preggy with Darrius so I can't travel the distance. It is such a good news that I can get to see them again and their baby too!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Singapore... Here we come again!

Initially I thought our trip to Singapore will not materialised as our intended stay will clashed with my aunty's family who will be there this weekend. They are on transit from Perth to KL. It was such a weird flight which will be arriving at 3am and their next flight is 10 hours later so they wanted to stay over at my uncle's place.

I was just relating the whole thing to PiggyBeng and I half way I was lamenting that I can't get to do some of stuff since I have to cancel the trip. Then we were discussing about some of the insurance which I signed up unintentionally with the CPF Board and I wanted to cancel it since I don't work in Singapore at the moment. This triggered him that he might need to cancel his too and he decided to go with me instead!

PiggyBeng actually sacrificed some of his ALs and we will be going down next week! Wooohoooo! Best of all, we will be driving down! :) He will be doing some work as well so he don't have to used up so many days of his ALs. Now, I have to plan my itineraries!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I can't load my photos!

Ok... there won't be any travel blogging for the next 1 week as I can't get my photos to load! I am at my parents' place and I actually copied all my photos to be edited into my external drive but the cable has some problems so I can't get the thing to work!

I'll be going down to Singapore end of this week and might not have access to any Internet service so the entries have to wait.... aaarrrgghhhh!

So, do wait for me yeah? I'll be back with more of my travelling stories... :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Milan! Milan! Milan!

Milan, one of the most exciting city on planet Earth! It is tauted as the Fashion City along Paris and New Yock City where one can find almost all the branded names in the fashion industry. Though I am not an extreme Prada fans but it's always great to at least own a piece of the Italian couture.

When we were in Europe, we only managed to visit Milan and Rome. We have to drop Venice, Pisa and Florence from our itinerary as we do not have enough time. After a night in Rome, we took the train and we were back in Milan again. PiggyBeng booked a night with one of the hotel near the train station. I can tell you, there are so much to see and a 2-day 1-night trip is not enough! When we have to rush from one place to the other like mad man and mad woman, I was hoping we can find other last minute hotels to spend another night.

The other reason why I need another day in Milan was, we happened to be there on Easter weekend and most of the shops were closed! I can't get my hands on any Prada, Gucci, Fendi and Armani... so how can I leave Milan in peace??? Since I've travelled more than a thousand miles to be there, I must at least get a piece of each. :P

Since it was a long weekend, most of the hotel rooms were snapped up! If I have known that we can get last minute Milan hotels from then, I wouldn't have to miss checking out my favorite boutiques!

Amazing photo

While searching for some old files in my dad's PC (which used to be mine), I found this interesting image sent to me by my then boyfriend and now hubby... It is definitely taken before the 911 attack on New York's WTC.

I like the way the sun beams pierced through in between the buildings and create such a magnificient sight. We won't be able to see it again as the buildings are gone forever. What is left is this image that will forever remained as a memory...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aloha! A Hawaiian Holiday

Over the years, we have heard so much about the land of Aloha! but still do not have the opportunity to set our foots there. Nevertherless, it will definitely be one of the many destinations we have in mind for our future vacation plans.
We have always traveled in Free and Easy mode. Especially now, with our little one tagging along. Our little family enjoyed the freedom and we can book our accommodations according to our preferences as well as to our convenience. There are many beautiful vacations homes or resorts on and around the many Hawaiian islands. Many of these vacation rentals are located up and down Poipu Beach, which was recently named the No.1 beach in the world by National Geographic Traveler.

Photo taken from here

Holiday makers who loves to spend their days basking in luxury will find the Poipo vacation rentals from the many ranges of Poipo vacation homes in Kauai a perfect choice. Some of these homes can accommodate up to 14 guests in one home alone which is an ideal if shared among a few families for gatherings or family events. Besides having a beach front or ocean front, some of these homes even come with spa, pool, air-condition and even suana!

For our little family, we will sure go for Poipo condos. These condos do come in either ocean front or garden view but at a lower cost which is perfect for smaller groups.

München - Part 4

This is the last part for my Munich post.

Overall, we only spent less than a day within the city of Munich so we did not have enough time to explore to all the interesting places beyond the city. I really like the big park within the city and the beautiful weather was perfect for a slow stroll.

One of my favourite spot @ the city park entrance

In the centre of the park

One of the church behind our hotel

We have to board our train to Rome on the next morning but due to the daylight saving time adjustment, we missed our train! We thought we have enough time for a short walk around the hotel and take more photos and a leisure breakfast but we were wrong! Can you see the clock on the church tower above? It's was already 7.30am (our train was at 8am) but our watch was actually showing 6.30am! When the time we went for our breakfast, it was already 8am, the time our train depart from Munich!

Luckily PiggyBeng has a contingency plan in any case we miss a train. We have to forgo the train route of our choice and take a longer one and have to miss the chance to visit Zurich in Switzerland.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Accomline - The Travel News Blog

We simply love traveling. There are always so many things to see, food to try, experiencing different cultures, finding weird stuff in different countries, meeting all kinds of people and etc… Every country we’ve gone to left us with interesting impressions which we will treasure till the end of time.

Both PiggyBeng and myself, have traveled to many countries, some together after we were married and some separately when we were still strangers. We often talk about all the places we have visited and exchange our experiences. It was always so fun to learn what we had encountered in the different places we have been to.

We have this habit of checking the latest accommodation news at all the places we planned to go for our next vacations. By doing so, we can have a better idea what we should look out for and what we can do at these places so we can maximize our stay.

In the past, when we were still very new to all the available information on the Internet, we did not get to pre-plan our trip 100% so we missed out quite a fair bit. Like we have wanted to visit London so much but we did not get to go due to some unavailable information which we very much regretted. We did not even know that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I always wonder what is the feeling would be like if I can be in one of these cities... like staying a night at Ritz Hotel London, which is one of the best accommodation one can find in London...

Now we can get more interesting accommodations news and facts about all the big cities in the world and these actually help us heaps when we are planning for our next vacations. It’s always wise to know more about each of the places we will be going so we won’t miss out on interesting activities or sights.

Interesting Travel and Hotel News

Since we are avid travelers, we always welcome interesting information which we can gather from as many sources as possible and kept ourselves updated with the latest travel news especially on hotels, flights or any good deals for our future holidays’ planning.

I came to know about a while ago while searching for some interesting rates for our impending US trip. This site actually let users book hotels last minutes or up to three weeks in advanced while providing extra services such as car hire, flights booking, travel insurance, sightseeing attractions, hotel transfers and worldwide calling cards. How they works is, they charged customers a fractions of the hotel cost and the rest will be paid at the hotel.

One of the benefits using is, they let users earn points every time they make a booking which they can use in the future to make reservations on or on any of its sister sites. They have offices worldwide in Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. The site can also be translated to other languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Thai and Swedish. Some of PiggyBeng’s favorite features are their hotel reviews and customer ratings features which are among the essential criteria when we select for the perfect place to spend the night.

From the site’s blog, we learned about all the latest and interesting travel news. One of the articles was about the world’s Most Expensive Hotel Room. I never knew that a hotel room can cost as much as $40,000 a night! The Hugh Hefner’s sky villa at Palms Hotel in Las Vegas has been listed as one of the top most expensive luxury accommodation for 2007! Wow! I wonder when we will ever have a chance to set our foot in one of these rooms!

More on ICE

So far I think we love ICE the most. The trains are new, very spacious and come in so many designs for their interior settings. We captured quite a few of the different seating arrangement in different trains travelling to and from different locations.

This is the 2nd Class seats which usually at the last 2 carriages

This is the cafeteria or dining area, usually in the centre of the train

Another type of seatings

The open space 4-in-1 seating

The semi-private 4-in-one seating

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vacation Planning with

Thought we may not go for that many vacations as compared to the previous years but we do try to plan at least one overseas trip every year if possible. This year, we might plan a trip to the mid-west of United States if everything is going according to plan. It's a tag-along business trip for a 3 months period. Yeah, we are all excited about it but we still can't confirmed on the actual travelling date.

In the past, we have been booking our trips using a lot of online agents as they have wider choices as compared to local tour agents. One of them is as they don't only provide reservation for hotels alone but a complete service. Their services includes motels and resort reservations, flight bookings, car rentals, vacation rentals as well as vacations packages. Hence it helps us a lot on our vacation planning especially when we have an active toddler travelling with us. has one of the widest list of hotels listed on the Internet which gives travellers more choices based on their budget. Hotels are categorised by the different cities, addresses, amenities as well as by Zip codes so if travellers are looking for a specific location to stay, they will bound to find a suitable accommodation.

Other great services provided is the group bookings. This feature is catered specially for those who might be travelling for families functions, weddings, conventions or other special events. Travellers travelling in groups will get to enjoy more discounts with the multiple reservation made.

If you book through for any of their services you can get to enjoy a $100 rebates as well as up to 70% savings, one of the most competitive rates offered for any world wide destinations . Besides that, there are even dedicated phone lines should you need to contact any of the Hote Expert to assist you on your bookings.

So, once our dates are confirmed, we will definitely log on to to make the necessary bookings.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cuti-cuti Malaysia?

It's already August and so far there's still no plans that we are going to have our family vacation this year abroad. Last year we managed to go to the US West Coast but this year there's still no news. PiggBeng has been travelling a lot lately so it's tough for us to do much planning.

So, we have been discussing about taking a short trip at a nearby tourism spots... sort of like Cuti-cuti Malaysia. He even thought of just book a hotel on this island! The whole idea is to let Darrius enjoy and we get to run away from our daily routines.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A trip to Down Under...

One of my favourite destination is Australia. Not sure why but I have this 'connection' somehow with this country. I've lived in the western part of the country for almost 2 years and I just love my stay the entire period!

In fact, I've been to Sydney twice and both are for the love of skiing! Also, at that point of time, I have a few friends who were students with some of the universities there so it was so convenient for me to hop over and stay with them.

However, now will be different if I were to visit Sydney again as most of them have graduated so I will have to get my own accommodations if I set foot in Sydney again. With the Internet today, I don't really have to worry much as I can sure to get really cheap and affordable hotel in Sydney.

Since I will not be realying on my friends any more, I will probably visit Brisbane and Melbourne as well for my next trip down under. I've wanted to visit the Marine Park in Moreton Island, Brisbane and maybe do a dive or two. As for Melbourne, I will want to go for another ski trip up at Mt. Bulla as well as a little tour around the city which I have been hearing so much of.

For accommodations, there are no longer a problem when I can searh for the widest choice of hotel in Brisbane and hotel in Melbourne with the help of the Internet. Besides comparing prices, I can check the locations and amenities of the hotels of my choice before making a booking. Even if I go on a last minute, I still get really competitive rates!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

München - Part 3

After checking into our hotel, we did not waste much time and ventured out to the nearby attractions! I like our hotel as it's very near to all the attractions... all within walking distance! As it was the Easter Week, the place was extremely crowded.

Our first venue is the market place where all the excitement was. I can't remember exactly the name of the streets we walked through but it's near the Viktualienmarkt (The Victuals Market). There were a few churches, palaces and a huge park. We did not take any transportation at all and relied on our feets only! We walked so much that my feets were so sore by the end of the day!

At one of the open space near Viktualienmarkt

There were quite a numbers of palaces and museums we visited but I can't recall their names. We visited the New Town Hall, Marienplatz, Residenz Museum, Feldherrnhelle (Field's Marshals Hall), Munich Court Garden and a few more.

A palace/museum

At Feldherrnhelle

Another busy street within the city

Next to Feldherrnhelle

I find that, there are a lot of wide green fields even around the city which is really beautiful. The churches are all so beautiful but the only thing was a few of them was under renovation during the time we visit. The city is clean and there are so much activities even after night falls.

One of the thing I observed is, there are quite a huge Middle Eastern population within the community. Even around our hotel, we can see many Turkish stores or stalls selling Turkish food stuff. At one point of time we felt we are in Turkey rather than in Germany!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Our next stop... The UK

One of our biggest regret when we were in Europe was not having the chance to visit the UK. It was the case of 'so near, yet so far' as we were already in Paris and was considering to hop on the train to get across but the fees threw us off immediately! For a return ticket, it cost almost RM1K per person! The funny thing was, we were only thinking of going for a day trip! Imagine spending just RM2K for train tickets alone and not considering the other spending that we might incurred when we are in London.... totally crazy!

Though we may not have the opportunity then, that does not mean we will never get the chance again! Soon there will be a budget airline operating from here to Manchester and I can say our chance to land our foots in UK is coming soon!

Tower Bridge

If we ever got the chance, then the first thing will be planning on the trip's itineraries and accommodations as we have a little one to think of now. The UK is relatively a huge place with many attractions and we will try to maximise our trip by covering as many places possible.

Should we be landing in Manchester first then we will probably stay a night or two at some affordable hotels in Manchester such as Britannia Hotel or Golden Tulip Hotel. Places of interest will includes The Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, The Museum of Science & Technology and also the newly renovated Manchester Art Gallery.

Then we will take a train to London. This is the most happening place to be. The must visit places includes St Paul's Cathedral, Covent Garden, The British Airways London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and the Buckingham Palace. I think Darrius will sure enjoy a trip to Hyde Park.

When going to London, we can't really go on a shoestring budget. For easy access, we have to find hotels in London city itself. Of course, if given a choice, we would love to stay at 5 stars hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel located at Parklane or The Ascott Mayfair Hotel located at Mayfair. But I think we will opt for cheaper places such as Admiral Hotel in Paddington or Apollo Hotel in Bayswater.

Probably we will make a short stop in Birmigham before we head home from Manchester. Some hotels in Birmigham that quite fit our budget will be Holiday Inn or Days Hotel located in the city centre. And if we were luck, we could even stop by Liverpool and go for a peek at The Beatles's birth place!

Get Virus after Reviews?

Recently my PC load very slowly and it takes forever to get onto any sites. There are always error messages even for my hosted site, which is really weird as there isn't supposed to have downtime so often.

Then while I was trying to shut down last night, PiggyBeng noticed there are some spywares going about! I got scolded for that as I was the only person who is using the PC most of the time. Then he asked me, what sort of sites did I go to? Well, since I am doing paid postings and some reviews here and there, chances are I have to visit the advertisers' site for details. So, could some of the advertisers' sites were planted with spywares which we posties are not aware about?

I am worried now as it might currupt our systems here and it could cost us a long downtime if it is infected with virus.... *sigh*