Friday, July 27, 2007

Thanks You!!!!


To whoever you are out there whom has clicked on my link to participate in this conversation.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bye-bye to old, dull and wrinkly skin!

I have been spending endless days and nights sitting in front of the PC and it actually took a toll on my skin! Also, I have been extremely lazy and did not bother much about applying any cream to wade off the dryness and now I am suffering major outbreak! Yuck! Before my skin turns old, dull and wrinkly, I better make an effort to do something or else I will never get to see the youthful me ever again!

Then I came to know about The Emerge Labs™ line which has been formulated to address major skin concerns. Emerge Skincare line of products have been formulated, tested and used by leading physicians around the world in the treatment of skin related problems. Their skin care is based on the medical knowledge of how substances interact and how they affect the skin and one of the most important factor are majority of their products are natural and free from synthetic chemicals, fragrances and preservatives!

With Emerge Skincare line of products, I can have a cleaner, brighter, smoother skin! So bye-bye to old, dull and wrinkly skin!

München - Part 2

Upon arrival, we went to check-in to our hotel. PiggyBeng booked most of our accommodations through some online travel portal. The hotel we stayed in Munich is Hotel Schwiez which is located at 26, Goethe Street. The good thing about this hotel is, it is centrally located near Oktoberfest, the Deutsches Theater, the St. Paul Cathedral and the main train station. We went around on foot to most of the attractions... so imagine the amount of walking we have done!

Map taken from

Though it is only a 3-star hotel, we love the cozy environment the hotel provides. At the lobby, there is a PC with FREE internet connection, freshly bake bread and cake slices and hot drinks for all hotel guests. Make you feel so at home....

Lobby of Hotel Schweiz

A shot of Hotel Schweiz from across the road

Among all the hotels we had stayed throughout our trip, I like the breakfast provided by Hotel Schweiz the best! Simply because the offered a huge varieties of food and all of them are soooo yummy! The only set back was, we missed our train and we have to rush to catch another train (contingency plan) to our next destination so we did not have the luxury to enjoy the yummy spread.... what a bummer!

A shot of me having my breakfast

p/s: for the price we paid for the hotel, we can get a 5-star hotel in Malaysia... that was how expensive it was to travel in Europe. The exchange at the time was €1 : RM1 = 5x!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

München - Part 1

Officially we started our honeymoon 'back-packing' style on the 3rd day after PiggyBeng's arrival. A bit weird to have different arrival dates for a newly wed though as he can't get away from the conference in Seoul where he was one of the guest speaker.

Our first destination was to München or Munich which is down south from my SIL's place. To get to München, we have to take a long train ride which took almost 6 hours. We have to transit at Haagen to change to ICE train which originated from Dortmund. We took the ICE 515 (if you notice the two lines of names below were all the places the train will pass before arriving to our final destination). We passed by big cities like Frankfurt and Stuttgart and smaller town like Ulm which has a breath taking scenery.

Inside the train (info board)

A view of München's train station

A pic of me at the train station

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spreading *LOVE* Around

Woah! This is my second time doing this tag and in within 24 hours! I got my 1st in my main blog a few days back.

I just got to know Judy not too long ago. She is one of the blogger that I knew who has been blogging since 2004! That was before she got married and has her son Terry who has just turn one! Really amazing! Judy's blog provide some really cool read and I really admire her. She is able to keep writing for so many years. And she is one creative lady too... if you read what she did for her little baby's 1st birthday... Isn't Little Terry is so fortunate to have Judy as his mommy???

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My Adds:
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Friday, July 13, 2007


It has been hectic lately so I have some sort MIA for a while. That was why there's no updates here...

In fact I've been picking out a lot of my photos and will get them up asap so I can write more about my trip in Europe.

Thanks to those of you who has been dropping by to check out for any new posts here. I promise more will be coming.... soon....

Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer Fun Begins Here!

Summer is finally here! The weather has been extremely dry and hot and getting out of the house can be a real chore when one has a little toddler around. During the time when I was still a carefree single, I would just pack my bag and off to do my favourite summer sports but now I have to think of my little tike.

At times I tend to find it hard to come out with suitable activities to keep the little one occupied. And it's a good thing I stumbled on The Resources Center where I not only find ways to spend our summer but a lot of other interesting information too! They have some really cool summer parenting articles located in their education section which gives good advises such as tips for a day at beach of pool, great summer crafts and activities to do with kids and even family fitness activities too.

The Resources Center is a growing solution source with really good resources, references, tools, tips and even news for career, business, travel, shopping, life and health, teaching, parenting and successful relationships. It's truly a one-stop family resources and educational portal that will make your summer a sweet and memorable one!

If you want a great start to a fun and memorable summer, do hop over to The Resources Center for more information today!

Woooohoooo! It's the 777!

This is it! Today is indeed the exceptional auspicious day! The 070707 that everyone is waiting for! Though I'm not a supersticious person but sometimes one got to believe in the odds.

Today is the day, that marks a significant milestone to the love of my life... He has finally completed 3 rounds of the Chinese zodiac of life! Yeah! Today is indeed a very special day to my other half. Though it is nothing big but to mark such a special date with such a happy occassion is pure incidental.

And what could be better than getting my first pay check from PPP to top off the celebration?

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Lowest Bid Win!

I have never enter any sweeptakes before as I know I don't usually have that kind of luck. Anyway, there are not many attractive games around here that offer good amount of cash prizes or free gifts that we can play without doing any prior investment first.

Unlike in the US, we can actually take part in sweeptakes without even spending a single cent! Especially this interesting game called Bid4Prizes, a user-friendly text based reverse-auction game where players bid for the lowest unique bid to win the prize. There are a huge varieties of prizes to be won too! Prizes range from $1000 cash, a BMW 3 Series, Dell Laptop and many more! The best part is, there's new winner everyday!

To participate, log onto the Bid4Prizes's website and register and you can start bidding by text messages on your mobile phone or through the website itself. It is that easy!

Get yourself registered today and who knows you could be tomorrow's lowest unique bidder to win a prize!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Firefly Airline - My 1st Banner Ad!

Have you noticed the big orange banner on top of my site????? Guess what??? Firefly, Malaysia's first community airline has chosen my little humble blog to put up their advertisement. If I am not estatic then I'll be lying through my teeth!

The campaign's period is only for a week but if my little site get a huge jump in traffic, they might extend their 'contract' and put the banner for a longer period. Well, being a travelling blog, don't you think this is the best place for them to plant their ads? *cheeky grin*

So, to all my dearest readers, vocal, silent, passerbys or my fancees.... please help me by clicking on my page, come by more often or best of all, click on the banner! And since it's Visit Malaysia Year, what could be more appropriate than going for a short break to all the hidden treasures in our beautiful country for as little as RM9.00 ????

And for those who are residing in Penang, don't forget to drop by the Penang Matta Fair at the PISA. Today will be the last day for you to grab some value for money tour packages!

Another Money Making Opportunity!

When I have decided to monetize my blog, I have been busy scouting for the appropriate channels to start my 'work'. Some of the more experienced bloggers even gave me plenty of suggestions as to which channels I should sign up with.

Then I discovered Bloggerwave and I was estatic! What make me so excited was, they are new and they are growing! Even for a new blog like mine, I am still able to participate and get paid for my reviews, buzz or opinions on the products and services listed with Bloggerwave.

The other reasons that attracted me to Bloggerwave is their easy to manuevre site. Unlike other money making channels, Bloggerwave allows bloggers to submit up to a maximum of 5 blogs each! So, the more blogs you have, the more money you can make through Bloggerwave!

If you want to get more pocket money, join me at Bloggerwave today!