Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Day of Changs

Today is the 5th day of the 5th month on the Lunar Calendar where Chinese around the world will celebrate Duan Wu Jie (Dumpling Festival or Dragon Boat Festival) by eating bak-chang (rice dumpling).

In history, it is a day to remember the poet Qu Yuan, who was a loyal official in the court of the Chu Kingdom in old China. Other officials told the emperor lies about Qu Yuan and the weak emperor believed the evil officials and asked Qu Yuan to leave his court. However, over the next 20 years, the Chu kingdom got weaker as another kindom took over theChu Kingdom. Qu Yuan was very sad that his beloved country was controlled by another country, the Qin Kingdom and he decided to end his life by jumping into the river. Fishermen who heard that Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river set sail on boats to look for his body. When they could not find it, they threw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river so that the fish in the river would eat the rice instead of his body and play the drum to scare away the fishes. The traditions of dragon boat races and eating rice dumplings on Duan Wu Jie thus began. And this is how Duan Wu Jie comes about and is known as Dragon Boat Festival or Dumpling Festival till today.

I have a surprise visitor coming all the way from KL and she brought me this...

Giant Bak-chang!

A view of the giant bak-chang after peeling off the wrapping of lotus leaf and bamboo leaves

A view of the giant bak-chang after disecting

This is the first time I ate such a gigantic chang! The ingredients in this giant chang consist of glutinous rice, green beans, lotus seeds, Chinese mushroom, salted eggs, dried osyter and abundance of pork belly cubes. Taste yummy too! Thanks to NyonyaPenang for the surprises!

2 Hopper's Notes:

huisia said...

gigantic meh? i think i can finish it as well as recently i have great appetite!

Annie Q said...

wow.."changs" i like...yummy!!
each time i can eat 2 number.."geng" lei