Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Diving with the SHARKS!

After I got my diving licence, I just can't wait to try out all the activities available to divers. Then (1998) so happened Singapore Under Water World came out with a new attraction - Dive with the Sharks to bring in more visitors the place.
There were a promotion going on, for every 10 divers we get like 20% discounts. So, the 10 of us quickly signed up! I was the only lady in the group but it was a whole lot of fun! We were divided into 2 groups and each group to enter different tanks for 20 minutes. As the tanks were quite small, we were asked to not wear our fins.
Our group's pix
My group went into the 'other type of fishes' tank first where we got to see other huge fishes swimming around us. Then we exchanged with the other group and went into the 'sharks and stingrays' tank. We managed to 'touch' some sharks though we were told not to do it! LOL We got to play with some really friendly stingrays too.
As the place was open for other visitors, there were quite a few people 'viewing' us from the tube and kept clicking their cameras away! Too bad we do not have anyone outside to take a picture for us!

My T-Shirt

Each of us paid about $80+ and at the end of the dive we were given a T-Shirt as a souvenior. It was a really fun experience and I don't mind to do it again!

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