Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Rollerblading Days...

One of the sport beside diving I missed most is rollerblading or in-line skating. I started rollerblading since 1994 and did it all the way till before I left for my studies in 2002. Some eight years!

When I returned to Malaysia, there are very few places available to do this sport and even if there's one, it's too far away for me and not entirely safe! So, this make me miss Singapore even more. I love the way East Coast Park was designed so leisure makers can do so many activities at this well planned park.

With Yvonne @ The EC Jetty

One of the fond memory during my blading days....

Bladding on the Seletar Runway

Friday, May 25, 2007

SEXPO in Down Under

An expo on sex in Malaysia??? Fat chance! LOL

My very first time going to SEXPO (Sex Expo) was when I was in Perth. That time I went alone as most of my friends have either already been or not so keen... coz we need to pay entrance fee. Being a suaku (country bumpkin) I was quite curious to find out what is this exhibition is all about! Sexpo was originated from Australia (if I'm not mistaken) and it was a yearly event. It is a 'Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle' kind of exhibition. Well, for a first timer, it was an eye opening experience!

Then I went again with my group of friends when I was in Sydney. As we have nothing better to do and also we wanted to kacau (disturb) my friend's junior whom is a very innocent guy... those thick glasses straight A kinda student. It was just for fun but that guy took it very seriously and was putting on a black face the entire night!

A pix with the giant boobies and willy!

We collected a lot of freebies given out by the exhibitors and for this time we even have a door gift... a luminous dildo! LOL

The nearest SEXPO to Malaysia was held in Singapore one or two years back. However, the response was not too good though...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Diving @ Aur

My last dive trip was a 4-day 3-nights to this small island named Pulau Aur. Pulau Aur is located around 70 kilometers off the coast of Mersing, south of Pulau Tioman. We took a 4 hours ferry ride to Diver's Lodge a diver A Friendly Water's Resort. Our ferry stopped quite far away as there were corals all around the diver lodge so the caretakers have to send small boats to pick us up.

Map taken from Asia Dive Site

There were around 40 of us and we occupied most of the chalets which was built by the hill side. All the meals were provided... breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The food spreads were damn good - for me lah!

A pix of our chalets (top) and a pix from our chalet
There's another island opposite which is called Pulau Dayang. Pulau Dayang is also popular with divers as there are a few more chalets built there.

A closer look at our chalets (top) and some of the divers (bottom)

I trully enjoyed this trip as I managed to clocked in many dives and do 3 night dives. During of one of the night dive, we went doen to as deep as 80 feet (which was not allowed) but since we have a huge group and having a few instructors and dive masters with us, we just do it! I think Pulau Aur has one of the best site for night dives. There were so many interesting stuff to see and there were quite a numbers of dives site just within the island itself.

This was the first time I saw some really huge humphead wrasses. There were also a few 'incidents' which were quite unforgetable. Two of the divers we stung by jellyfish and another one were knocked by a barracuda. Then, my buddy was out of air and left me seacrhing for her! In one of my dive, the under current was so strong that most of us were swept away and I hit a few rocks which scratched my hands.

The best part was on the final night where there were a outdoor BBQ for our group. There were so much food that most of us were too full to even move!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Diving with the SHARKS!

After I got my diving licence, I just can't wait to try out all the activities available to divers. Then (1998) so happened Singapore Under Water World came out with a new attraction - Dive with the Sharks to bring in more visitors the place.
There were a promotion going on, for every 10 divers we get like 20% discounts. So, the 10 of us quickly signed up! I was the only lady in the group but it was a whole lot of fun! We were divided into 2 groups and each group to enter different tanks for 20 minutes. As the tanks were quite small, we were asked to not wear our fins.
Our group's pix
My group went into the 'other type of fishes' tank first where we got to see other huge fishes swimming around us. Then we exchanged with the other group and went into the 'sharks and stingrays' tank. We managed to 'touch' some sharks though we were told not to do it! LOL We got to play with some really friendly stingrays too.
As the place was open for other visitors, there were quite a few people 'viewing' us from the tube and kept clicking their cameras away! Too bad we do not have anyone outside to take a picture for us!

My T-Shirt

Each of us paid about $80+ and at the end of the dive we were given a T-Shirt as a souvenior. It was a really fun experience and I don't mind to do it again!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Biggest Ram on Earth!

Have you seen the biggest ram on Earth??? The Big Merino, at "15 metre tall, 18 metre long, four metre wide concrete and steel statue weighing 96 tonnes is one of the most colossal statue of a ram in the world" (PR Inside) is located along Hume Street at Goulburn, NSW.

While on our way to Mount Sewlyn, we dropped by this magnificient statue for a short tour. I've never seen this beauty before and it was an eye opening experience. The statue was crafted out of a big chuck of rock.

A pix with Cindy

Friday, May 4, 2007

Norwegian's Day Down Under

During one of my orientation trip in the Uni, I met up a very nice Norwegian gal, Maria. We have been buddy since then till my graduation while she continued on with her studies as I was two years her senior.

Then somewhere in May 2003, she invited me to her place for a party. She did not mentioned to me what was the party all about. Nonetheless, I offered to bring a bowl of fruit salad.

When I reached her place, I could here lots of laughter coming out from her place... Once I entered her house, I was shocked to find myself surrounded with all her Norwegian friends! There were only two non-Nowegians and I was the only Asian at the party!

The party was a mini celebration for their country's National Day. All Norwegians around the globe will celebrate this memorable day on the 17 May. We had plenty of fun though I have a hard time understanding what are they talking about as most of them were speaking in Norwegian! They sang a little, said prayers and finally digged into the yummilicious food everyone brought along.

After the party, all of us adjorned to the city. The was parade lined up which will marched through some part of the city. We gathered at the field by the river side (opposite the Clock Tower). There were tents around the field that offered lots of food and activities.

The group with the Norwegian flags